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Tools for document patient records

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I am an educator in physiotherapy. Students work independently some of the time, especially when placed in remote rural settings, where there is no direct supervision. Does anyone know of a tool - free or open access - our students could use to capture their patient information, then share with or refer to a peer or a supervisor?
This would enable on demand feedback....

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Hi munger

I would recommend Google sheets and/or forms.

Google forms will allow the creation of custom templates to capture patient information > output data will be exported to a google sheet

Google sheets and forms are highly effective collaboration tools, easy to share, accessible from anywhere and can be updated on or offline.

Have a look at the link below:

Empower care teams with frictionless collaboration and productivity tools.


If you're looking to create more in-depth databases, then I'd suggest doing some research on Microsoft Access or Libre Base (free).


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