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Prior knolwedge and learning

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I believe that learning happens when students make connections with what they already know and can do. We constantly learn new things by linking it to what we already know and making connections to understand new and more complex concepts. For example, when you buy a new phone, you start experimenting and use the knowledge of how an older model worked to figure out the new functionalities, settings, and add-ons. This links to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Piaget explained learning as a process of assimilation and accommodation where assimilation is the cognitive process of adding new information to what you already know and accommodation, the process where you revise what you know because the new information does not fit in with your existing knowledge (McCleod, 2020). The constructivist learning theory relates to Piaget’s theory and states that students actively construct knowledge and make meaning, based on their prior knowledge or experiences. This learning can take place individually or collaboratively.