We are a team of educationalists who thrive on providing learning experiences and journeys on which people can share expertise, establish their online presence, and have a say in the public world.  Through our offerings, we aim to bring about long-term and sustainable change by helping you to become the go-to person in your workplace.

Learning Theories

Simplification of principles and conceptual frameworks that describe a learning process and explain how people learn.

Thought Leadership

Fostering authenticity, proactivity, innovation, and resilience.


Specific focus on practical and theoretical applications in adult learning and higher education.


Descriptions and demonstrations of technologies that support and enhance learning.  

What you get

    • Knowledge of 21st learning theories for higher education and learning designers
    • Advice on becoming a thought leader
    • Guidance in digital citizenship
    • Examples of the use of technology in adult education.
    • Gaining knowledge on the affordances and possibilities of educational technologies
    • Professional development
    • Live RSS feed to keep you updated with the latest trends in blended and online learning
    • Become part of a community of inquiry