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Macro theories related to the nature and extent of human knowledge.

Key Approaches to Learning

Central constructs, terminology and definitions associated with paradigms, theories, and the foundations of education.

Learning Technology

Approaches to learning technology application backed by appropriate theoretic underpinnings.

Thought Leadership

Tips and strategies to harness qualities needed to lead by example, innovate and inspire.

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Continuing Professional Development

We welcome you to a multimodal learning platform that is interactive, informative, and current. The tools and resources hosted by this platform encourages Thought Leadership in higher education practitioners and instructional designers.

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We envisage an interactive approach to facilitate familiarisation with the key approaches to learning within the target domain by highlighting the relevance of the principles of key learning theories, with a specific focus on instructional design and blended learning

The packaged content is inclusive of authentic artefacts produced by in-house professionals.  To access e-books, infographics, short courses, explainer videos and more on the topics below, start learning today!

  • Macro Learning Theories

  • Adult learning and higher education

  • Thought Leadership

  • Educational Technologies

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"The content really opened my eyes to diverse ways in which student learn.  I was able to adapt my teaching style and resources to get more out of my students."

Celina Martin

College Lecturer

"Designing courses takes more than just technological knowledge. Getting to know the TPACK approach makes me better designer and my designs are valued more by students and teachers."

Tony Smith

Instructional Designer

"Through engaging with CPD offerings on this website, my perspective of my learning environment has changed and I'm able to manage people and resources more effectively."

Alena Due

e-Learning coordinator

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